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Centre “EcoResource”’ started to operate in 1994 as non-profit State institution.

By Decision Nr. 50 of 12.12.2002 of the Council of the Ukrainian-Romanian-Moldavian Euroregion “Upper Prut” Centre “EcoResource” is appointed as Resource Co-ordinated Centre for transfrontier projects.

EcoResource played important role in development of Ukrainian Laws “On Transfrontier Co-operation” and “On Waste”. Accordingly to the Law “On Transfrontier Co-operation ” EcoResource developed the first in the Ukraine Concept of the State Program for Transfrontier Co-operation based on Euroregions and played an active role in the formulation of the EU Neighbourhood Programs aimed to provide Sustainable Socio-Economic & Spatial Development in border Regions. On request of Ministry of Regional Development and Construction EcoResource developed Methodical Recommendations for co-ordination of projects in the field of Transfrontier Co-operation at the National and Regional levels according to European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument, as well as on Informational Technologies implementation for the Transfrontier Co-operation Projects support (both approved by the Order of the Minister of 27.01.2009 Nr. 46).

Accordingly to the Law ”On Waste” EcoResource was the Leader in development of Ukrainian State (DSTU) and NIS (GOST) Standards implemented since 2001 and of the Primary Accounting of Waste and Package Materials (accordingly to EU IPPC.- BAT approach) approved by the Order of the Ministry of Environment of 07.07.2008 Nr.342. On this basis it was developed Concept of the Waste Treatment Program for the City of Chernivtsi 2013-2020.

Centre “EcoResource” also developed the main Documents for the Euroregion “Upper Prut”, which by the Ukrainian Governmental Order of 14.02.2002 Nr. 59-p was established as a pilot “concerning the experimental elaboration of transfrontier co-operation mechanisms as the elements of the process of European integration and development of the regional policy ”.

In April 2000 EcoResource have organised special UNDP Seminar on Transfrontier Environmental Problems Identification were participated all Ukrainian & Romanian border Regions, Governments and International Foundations. At 2001 Bucharest Summit of 14 European States “Environment and Sustainable Development in Carpathian-Danube Region” supported the Initiative of EcoEuroRegion, developed by EcoResource, as an efficient tool for Cross-border & Interregional co-operation, which now becomes the core elements of the new European Neighbourhood & Partnership Instrument as well as to European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC). Since 2010 these developments are reflected in Ukrainian, Romanian & Republic of Moldova initiatives concerned EU Strategy for Danube Region.

In 1996-2007 EcoResource also co-ordinated the international projects of the EU TACIS “Pilot implementation of the Austrian ECOPROFIT Program as a facility for ISO 14000 and CIS Waste Management Standards”, “Chernivtsy Energy Plan” , “Ukrainian industrial proposals to Danube Pollution Reduction Programme”, “Concept for the Water Supply in Chernovtsy”, “Development of a Strategy to harmonise State and Regional Waste Treatment Legal Basis with the EU Standards”, “Forest Resource Sustainable Management and Integrated Development of Wood Life Cycle”, “Investigation & preparation of proposals for development & optimization of Transfrontier Connections System pass Bukovina in the zone of TEN Corridors” and other international projects. In 2007 EcoResource co-ordinated project “Promotion “Best Available Technologies” (BAT) implementation for Waste Minimisation & Resource Conservation” of British Council as well as through 2006-2010 prepared I—IV CEI-Bukovina Workshops on Regional Transfrontier Co-operation, Sustainable Development & Transit Potential implementation under ENPI. At the moment EcoResource is appointed as a CEI National Focal Point on transfrontier co-operation, as well as Ukrainian representative in Carpathian Convention Working Group on co-operation with Alpine Convention for Sustainable Development of Transport, Energy, Industry and Infrastructure.

Since 2019 Centre "EcoResource" became one of developers of Ukrainian participation in European Green Deal embodiment, taking part in Governmental Working Group

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Address: 2, Kobyljanska str. 58002 Chernivtsi UKRAINE
Phone/Fax: +38-0372 58 54 76
E-mail: ecoresource.office@gmail.com
Web-site http://ecoresource.ddns.net/SitePages/EUSDR.aspx